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The number in parenthesis is used for cataloging on this web site.
The number in brackets is the Jim Thompson Collection inventory number.

All photographs were kindly supplied by The James H.W. Thompson Foundation
031_bj 005 032_bj 006 033_bj 099 034_bj-102.2_rt8 035_bj 105
031_bj 005.jpg 032_bj 006.jpg 033_bj 099.jpg 034_bj-102.2_rt8.jpg 035_bj 105.jpg
036_bj 108 037_bj 114 038_bj 111 039_bj-107.1_rt8 040_bj-103.2_rt8
036_bj 108.jpg 037_bj 114.jpg 038_bj 111.jpg 039_bj-107.1_rt8.jpg 040_bj-103.2_rt8.jpg
041_bj-125.2_rt8 042_bj 101 043_bj 173 044_bj-011_rt8 045_bj-012_rt8
041_bj-125.2_rt8.jpg 042_bj 101.jpg 043_bj 173.jpg 044_bj-011_rt8.jpg 045_bj-012_rt8.jpg
046_bj-117_rt8 047_bj-119_rt8 048_bj-130.2_rt8 049_bj-175.2_rt8 050_bj-126.1_rt8
046_bj-117_rt8.jpg 047_bj-119_rt8.jpg 048_bj-130.2_rt8.jpg 049_bj-175.2_rt8.jpg 050_bj-126.1_rt8.jpg
051_bj-132.1_rt8 052_bj-058.1_rt8 053_bj-063_rt8 054_bj-075_rt8 055_bj-245.1_rt8
051_bj-132.1_rt8.jpg 052_bj-058.1_rt8.jpg 053_bj-063_rt8.jpg 054_bj-075_rt8.jpg 055_bj-245.1_rt8.jpg
056_bj-164_rt8 057_bj-024_rt8 58 059_bj-002_rt8
056_bj-164_rt8.jpg 057_bj-024_rt8.jpg 058_bj 084.jpg 059_bj-002_rt8.jpg 060_bj 002_cover.jpg