Bencharong (000011) [bj 196]
Covered Bowl ,
diam=20 cm
The Jim Thompson Museum Collection

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11_bj 196
This 19th century covered bowl is one of the masterpieces in the collection. The decoration on this bowl is unique. Even though it is a narrative scene it can still fit into the Bencharong category because it is enamel ware and made specifically for the Siamese market. It depicts a shipwreck scene from the Mahajanaka Jataka (tales of the previous lives of the Buddha); it shows foreign trading ships and a Chinese junk; a green of sugar-cane-eye motif around the mouth of the bowl; a white band of a flower and leaf design around the top of the cover; a solid green band around the foot. The mouth of the bowl and the top of the cover are banded in metal.