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The number in parenthesis is used for cataloging on this web site.
The number in brackets is the Jim Thompson Collection inventory number.

All photographs were kindly supplied by The James H.W. Thompson Foundation

01_bj-013.10_rt8 02_bj-100.3_rt8 03_bj-118_rt8 04_bj-121.1_rt8 05_bj-120_rt8
01_bj-013.10_rt8.jpg 02_bj-100.3_rt8.jpg 03_bj-118_rt8.jpg 04_bj-121.1_rt8.jpg 05_bj-120_rt8.jpg
06_bj-172.5_rt8 07_bj-246.2_rt8 08_bj-234.2_rt8 09_bj 183_2 10_bj 184
06_bj-172.5_rt8.jpg 07_bj-246.2_rt8.jpg 08_bj-234.2_rt8.jpg 09_bj 183_2.jpg 10_bj 184.jpg
11_bj 196 12_bj 149 13_bj-148_rt8 14_bj 217 15_bj-156_rt8
11_bj 196.jpg 12_bj 149.jpg 13_bj-148_rt8.jpg 14_bj 217.jpg 15_bj-156_rt8.jpg
16_bj 152 17_bj-068.2_rt8 18_bj-106.2_rt8 19_bj-110.3_rt8 20_bj-049.3_rt8
16_bj 152.jpg 17_bj-068.2_rt8.jpg 18_bj-106.2_rt8.jpg 19_bj-110.3_rt8.jpg 20_bj-049.3_rt8.jpg
21_bj-046_rt8 22_bj-041_rt8 23_bj-051.1_rt8 24_bj-067.1_rt8 25_bj-078_rt8
21_bj-046_rt8.jpg 22_bj-041_rt8.jpg 23_bj-051.1_rt8.jpg 24_bj-067.1_rt8.jpg 25_bj-078_rt8.jpg
26_bj-057.2_rt8 27_bj-064.1_rt8 28_bj-082_rt8 29_bj-154.2_rt8 30_bj-070.2_rt8
26_bj-057.2_rt8.jpg 27_bj-064.1_rt8.jpg 28_bj-082_rt8.jpg 29_bj-154.2_rt8.jpg 30_bj-070.2_rt8.jpg