Glazed Ware

Ceramics of Seduction: Glazed Wares of Southeast Asia
(Bangkok, River Books, 2013)

This book covers the glazed wares of five Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar [Burma], Thailand and Vietnam) in a private Portuguese collection. The pieces are of an unprecedented quality and combined with the excellent photographs and the text this book is the most recent and the most up-to-date publication available. The Nation newspaper wrote an article about the author and this book which is available from River Books.


Angkor, Cambodia’s Wondrous Khmer Temples, 6th ed
(Hong Kong, Odyssey Books, 2011)

The first single guide (1994) to the temples of Angkor in modern times. Now in its 6th edition this book continues as an essential source. It is divided into two parts – first, on the geography, history, religion, art and architecture, art styles; second, 14 suggested itinteraries with plans of the layouts grouped by area and supplemented by beautiful photographs.

Beauty and Meaning

Khmer Ceramics: Beauty and Meaning (Bangkok, River Books), 2010)

A beautifully illustrated book on Khmer ceramics in a private, Thai collection that afford the reader an appreciation of these rarely seen wares. The photographs, up-to-date text and three never-before-published essays on various aspects of the subject by Thai scholars distinguish this book as both a scholarly and an accessible publication. (Photographer: Robert McLeod)


Ancient Sukhothai: Thailand’s Cultural Heritage
(Bangkok, River Books, 2008)

This is the first guide in modern times devoted entirely to the temples of the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom, renowned for its artistic achievements in the mid-13th and 14th centuries. More than 80 sites of the World Heritage Site (Sukhothai Si Satchanalai, Kamphaeng Phet) are covered with plans, maps and 395 lavish photographs. It includes masterpieces from three museums and a detailed section on Sawankhalok ceramics. (Photographer: Paisarn Piemmettawat)

Thai Buddhas

Thai Buddhas
(Bangkok, River Books, 2003)

Thai Buddhas looks at diverse aspects of Buddhist art in Thailand from ancient times to the present. A readable text and beautiful images combine to reveal the significance of the forms and key developmental periods of the art. This book is intended to be an introduction to the subject and to make Thai art more easily accessible to the non-specialist. (Photographer: Paisarn Piemmettawat)

Anchor Observed

Angkor Observed, A Travel Anthology of ‘Those There Before’
(Bangkok, Orchid Press, 2001, rep, 2003)

An illustrated collection of selected memoirs of Angkor by early Western travelers from 1860 onwards. Tales re-counted by oral tradition are also included. From the history of Angkor, to the arduous journey of getting there in the early days to reflections, it is the perfect companion to my Angkor guide, to be read before and/or after one’s visit or as an armchair reader.

Beetle Chewing

Betel Chewing Traditions in South-East Asia
(Kuala Lumpur, Oxford University Press, 1993)
(PDF, 5.0 Mb)

A small book explaining the custom of betel chewing in the region, a tradition firmly embedded in the culture of South-East Asia. It draws on literary sources, contemporary accounts, the arts and impressions of early European travelers to explain why people chew betel, the tradition, its place in royal rituals and ceremonies, the quid, its widespread symbolizm and materials and forms connected to the implements. The book's color pictures are in a web photo gallery that is also available as a PDF file.

Folk Pottery in Southeast Asia

Folk Pottery in South-East Asia
(Singapore, Oxford University Press, 1987)
(PDF file 2.1 Mb)

A basic introduction to the utilitarian pottery of South-East Asia, both indigenous and wares imported from other ceramic-producing centers in the region. It traces the development of South-East Asian pottery; then presents glazed wares by country; the final chapter covers contemporary wares for everyware use. The book’s color pictures are in a web photo gallery that is also available as a PDF file.


Khmer Ceramics
(Khmer Ceramics (Singapore, Oxford University Press, 1984) (PDF File 2.2 MB)

This book is the first comprehensive publication of Khmer ceramics. It begins with a background on the geography, history, religion, and trade; and then covers the influences, characteristics, shapes, and uses of Khmer ceramics. Although it was published some 30 years ago, the basic information is timeless and the book remains useful as a resource on the subject. The book's color and black and white pictures are in a web photo gallery.